World Day Against Child Labour 2022 (12th June) Theme, Significance

World Day Against Child Labour 2022: As we all know child labor is the main problem to spoils the bright future of the upcoming generations. On 12th June International Labour Organisation started the World Day Against Child Labour to spread awareness of this prominent problem. According to the United Nation report around 160 million children are still engaged in child labour in the world. To make awareness for all of us we are celebrating this day as World Day Against Child Labour.

World Day Against Child Labour 2022 Theme

On the special occasion of 12th June 2022, we are sharing some important aspects that are harmful to all those children who are the victim of child labour. 56 per cent of 160 million children are only engaged in middle-income countries. Statics reveals that Africa is the highest-ranked country in the world for child labour. Some experts also think that poverty and the low GDP of a country are sometimes responsible for such problems.

Besides all, we are seeing a low but positive reduction in child labour. This is all just because of the awareness campaign that United Nations working on. The theme is mainly focusing on the cause of increasing child labour and making a solid awareness against it. Child Labour is the result of negative mental thinking and self-profits.

World Day Against Child Labour Significance

Today in every country it is mandatory to start the government social protection system to stop or eradicate child labour. It is very important to know the situations or circumstances which are responsible for such issues. Awareness and social protection schemes are the only weapons that help us to eradicate child labour. Not only low or middle-income countries but in high GDP counties like America or some Europe countries have such problems.

If we talk about global social protection expenditure is only 1.1% which is very poor. Here we all need to come together to fight such issues. By protecting our children’s future we can protect our nation’s future. From this day we all have to take responsibility to be aware of or protect the children from child labour.

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What is “World Day Against Child Labour” ?

World Day Against Child Labour is an international day when we all think of solutions that are beneficial for child labour.

Who started the World Day Against Child Labour?

International Labour Organisation started this special day for helping the children who are involved in child labour.

What are the main 2 solutions to eradicate Child Labour?

Only Awareness and Social Protection schemes/programs can help us to eradicate such problem.

On which day do we celebrate World Day Against Child Labour?

12th June

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