(ERUPEE App) E RUPI Digital Payment Solution, Process & Benefits of Indian Digital Currency

E RUPI Digital Payment Process, erupee digital payment solution which launched by Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi on 2nd August 2021. NPCI E-Rupi New Digital Currency is the digital solution to transfer money quickly, safely and transparently. e-RUPI Digital Platform is a cashless and contactless instrument that will help us to make digital payments. In this payment method, QR code or SMS string-based e-voucher will be delivered to the mobile of the users.

E RUPI Digital Payment Solution

This is an electronic e-voucher system in India that is going to apply, In e-RUPI Digital Platform, the money can be transfer into its most leak-proof manner to the beneficiary. There is no need of a credit card, debit card, or any other service to pay your payments. Shortly our government is going to launch ERupi App that will make payment solutions simplified and smooth. For your kind information, we are telling you that this digital payment platform has been developed by the national payments corporation of India on its UPI platform. All other details like E RUPI Digital Payment App, E RUPI Digital Payment Benefits we are sharing further in this article.


Users who want to download erupi app in their mobile have to follow this online process that we are sharing here below through a stepwise procedure 

  • First of all, open the Google playstore from your smartphones
  • Now in the search type “E RUPI Digital Payment” 
  • After this list of application will open there, from here you have to choose E RUPI Digital Payment
  • And click on it for installing 
  • After the installing, user can open it and use it

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Benefits of E RUPI Digital Payment

  • By using this system users can make digital payments through QR code or SMS string based e-voucher and voucher will deliver to the mobile of the users
  • Under this syestem received voucher can be redeem without using any payment app
  • e-RUPI does not require any kind of service provider to make payment
  • Through this method, payment to the service provider will be made after the completion of transaction
  • Department of financial services, Ministry of health and family welfare and national health authority are its co partners
  • There is no any kind of physical interference in this payment solution
  • NPCI E Rupi is not associated with any application or mobile banking
  • Only the person for whom this e voucher is issued can use it

E RUPI Digital Payment Process or Uses

Moreover, e-RUPI Digital Platform will be prepaid in nature which does not need any kind of intermediary to make payment of the service provider. Under this process, the national payment corporation of India (NPCI) has boarded banks that will be the issuing authority of the voucher. QR codes or SMS string-based e-vouchers are delivered to the beneficiary mobile number, after receiving those vouchers beneficiary can redeem them without using any payment app or platform. In this way the government will shortly launch an application to make this process much eassier for its users.

How to Redeem e-RUPI Voucher?

Here in this section we are sharing a process to redeem erupi voucher 

  • First of all,  beneficiary have to show the e-RUPI QR code or SMS at the service provider outlet
  • then salesperson require to scan this QR code or SMS
  • after this the beneficiary receive an OTP
  • Now beneficiary have to to give this OTP with the service provider
  • Service provider have to enter this OTP into the OTP box
  • Now service provider have to click on proceed
  • Payment will be made to the service provider

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What is E RUPI Digital Payment?

It’s a digital payment solution that is cashless and contactless recently launched by the Indian Government to make payments quickly, safely, and transparently.

Who launched ERUPI?

Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi on 2nd August 2021 and its operated by national payments corporation of India.

How can I Download E RUPI Digital Payment App?

To download E RUPI Digital Payment user have to open the play store and follow some easy steps that we have mentioned above.

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