BGMI 1.8 Update Release Date, APK Download

The most famous battle royale game around the world – PUBG Mobile has shared the details about the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.8 update. The game developer has confirmed that they will be shipping the next PUBG update with crossover events and game mode activities from the world of Arcane. The PUBG 1.8 Update is rolling out soon. Interested players can go through articles to find out the upcoming patch notes for an updated version.

BGMI 1.8 Update Release Date

BGMI 1.8 update download with APK and OBB directly from has uploaded a short clip of the latest update in the Battle Royale game to give extra adventure to its players. PUBG Mobile lovers were waiting for a long time to get the update. Developers have added am Erangel which is a de-facto map. Which will help the players to enjoy the mode. The mode can be transported into Mirror Island, they can defeat any Arcane monsters. In addition to this, the mode will help to convert any Avtar of players’ choice. By using the wind barrier player can enter the  Piltover Mirror Island or the Zaun Mirror Island. On the youtube channel, developers have uploaded a video displaying all the new features.

Game Name
Beta VersionBGMI 1.8 update
New update dateJan 2022
Company NameSouth Korean, Krafton
Article CategoryNews

BGMI 1.8 Update Release Date

If we talk about the transformation of Mirror World, it can be converted into the following four characters; Vi, Jayce, Jinx, and Caitlyn. As per the video available on the youtube channel, there will be some new features which are as follows;

I Theme Game Mode: (New Area, Wind Bareer, Character transformation, Hextech Crystals, Arcane Monster),

II Update rewards: (2x Classic Crate Coupons)

III Classic Update features: (Piggyback, Notification Icon for Elimination/Knocked Out, Survivor Number Notification, Smoke Grande Effect Added, Grenade IndicatorJump Button & Setting, AI Battle ‘Difficulty level’)

Other Changes: Vikendi, Payload 2.0, Metro Royale mode, Runic Power, Survive Till Dawn, and Virus Infection.

BGMI New 1.8 Update in India

In the case of PUBG mobile size, the 1.8 updates of PUBG mobile was 690 MB in size on the Google Play Store which is similar to BGMI size. The Mp 4 pass will expire on November 18 and the new will be issued on 19 Nov 2021. Readers can check the complete details on the official website of BGMI and the video available on the youtube channel. The company has removed the most fraudulent in the game and trying to make BGMI a much more fun experience.

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